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The food was hot, good and early. They said it would be 50 - 55 minutes. it came in 35 minutes from start to finish. I ordered the large vegetarian pizza, 2 salads and a 2 liter of soda and it came out to 26$ after tax, tip and delivery. The driver was friendly and the service was speedy. The food was hot and very tasty. I don't know if they use some special sauce but I liked it. This isn't one of those crazy off the wall places. They're just simple and down to earth. A simple place to get pizza and chill at the beach...or in my case, in my semi truck because I'm an over the road truck driver, in town for a show.


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1st off the delivery I applaud. I live in a pretty large complex , so I actually wrote EXACT directions to get to my place. They are the ONLY delivery service that has made it to my front door without calling my cell, making me meet them on the main street, or ask people in my complex for directions. 2nd the food, you can't beat it for the hour and the taste. Friendly service, great prices, highly recommend.

Caitlin Crest

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This is my new 'go to' food delivery joint. I've lived in the LBC for 15 years, and had never heard of it until GrubHub brought it to my attention. The pizza is the best I've ever had! My son was visiting the first time we tried it, and he made me promise to praise this place up the yin-yang :-) Takes about an hour to get the food, so plan accordingly... SO WORTH THE WAIT TIME!!


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I love this place! We have it 2-3x a week, and never have been disappointed. The pizza is so good, ribs, salad, and the salad... I can't say anything bad. Not for those watching their waistline, but the food/portions are amAzing! Sometimes the delivery time has been long, but for a free? Who can complain. Try it... I do. ;)


Top Reviewer
This is one of the best pizzas in Long Beach, with much more generous toppings, better tasting sauce and okay crust (they need a thin crust crispy pizza). They have ribs and other great entrees and sides to round out your meal or make a non-pizza dinner. Highly recommend.

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2 reviews
Best pizza I've tasted for a while.

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